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About Us

Conservation Oriented Environmental Professionals 

We are a team of ecologists working for government, EU and industry across Ireland, UK and Europe.  ​I am the founder and driving force of Environmental Facilitation, with two decades of experience spanning global environmental consultancies,  Irish and UK government depts. in both terrestrial and aquatic ecology. ​​Our Graduate team of Ecologists have specialist environmental analysis and GIS skills focused on terrestrial and aquatic impacts.  ​   


The Team

Niall Phelan BSc(Hons), M.A. Founder and Manager
I began my career in UCD Freshwater Dept. I have since worked across Europe in a range of capacities from managerial, strategic to technical oversight. A Master's in Coastal Management & GIS my foundational training is in Zoology. My work has ranged from European Commission Marine Hydromorphology Assessment reviews, Forestry asssessments, to Saltmarsh mapping technique development.  

Marcelina Klupiec BA(Hons), Ecologist
Focusing on aquatic impacts. Marcelina is undertaking a part time MSc with UCD and is currently focusing on Windfarm planning and impact. 


Janet Rumley BSc(Hons), MSc. Ecologist
Stewarding her own area of mixed woodland in Ballymacoda, Co. Cork, Janet has been focusing on Natura Impact and Marine Hydromorpholgy assessment approaches since working for EnvFac.

Neil Golding BSc (Hons), MSc, CBiol MRSB

A marine and geospatial scientist with 20 years of remote sensing, habitat mapping project & stakeholder management experience. A chair of NAFO/ICES Expert Group  also participating in ICES Review Groups. Flying drones commercially since 2018, Neil has flown  >500 missions using a range of sensor payloads for topographic & habitat mapping.

Mark O Connell  BSc(Hons), Ecologist
Another UCC graduate of Environmental Science, Mark has helped develop and streamline Natura Impact Statements across a range of forestry activities


Chris Brennan   BSc(Hons), Ecologist
A UCC graduate of Environmental Science, Chris has a particular interest in Ornithology and has been central to integration of new Habitats Directive mitigation measures to our toolbox.

Richard Gordon  BSc(Hons), Ecologist
Based next to Killarney National Park, a UCC graduate of Ecology and Environmental Biology, Richard has a journalistic and marine background. Having worked in aquaculture and as an ecologist for the Cork Nature Network, Richard returned to third  level education.  Richard began working for Environmental Facilitation in late 2023 and has quickly become a central part of our forestry assessment work.


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